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Oceans bound the country of Canada on three sides. To the west lies the Pacific Ocean. To the north is the Arctic Ocean, and to the east is the Atlantic Ocean. To the south, Canada is bordered by the United States. This land border is a long one that measures 5,527 miles and spans six time zones.

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Country Background
A large country, Canada has a varied geography. There are mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers as well as fertile plains, wilderness, and Arctic tundra.

The national capital of Canada is Ottawa, which is in the province of Ontario. Canada is made of 10 provinces and three territories.

Canada has two official languages: French and English. The city of Quebec is well known for its French-speaking population. Nearly 75 percent of the inhabitants of Quebec speak French. In other areas, Canadians speak English, a reflection of the historical influence of the United States and Great Britain.

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