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Austria is a European country that is landlocked by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, and Hungary. Running through Austria are the Alps, the largest mountain system in Europe, which divide central and southern Europe. Because the Alps extend through Austria, the country has a very mountainous terrain. The terrain makes Austria a wonderful venue for winter sports like skiing. In fact, Innsbruck, a city in the western part of Austria, hosted both the 1964 & 1976 Winter Olympics.

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Country Background
Austria has a rich culture that has been influenced greatly by its history, both secular and religious. Austria was once the center of power for the Austro-Hungarian empire, which was at one time the second largest empire in Europe. Today, Austria remains quite a wealthy country. In recent history, Austria has undergone much change. During World War II Austria was under the influence of Nazi Germany, and was later occupied by the Allied troops. In 1995, Austria became a member of the European Union and continues to change politically, economically, and socially as it works with its European partners.

The Roman Catholic Church, which was very powerful in the past, is still visible today and has left an lasting mark on Austrian music, architecture, drama, and art. Some famous Austrian musicians include Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. There are also well known artists, such as Gustav Klimt, and authors like Herman Bahr, who were born in Austria.

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