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Bosnia (formerly Yugoslavia)


In 1984, the Olympic Games were held in the city of Sarajevo, then the capital city of Yugoslavia. In the 16 years since the 1984 Olympics, much has changed. Yugoslavia is no longer a united nation. Instead, it has broken into many separate nations, one of which is Bosnia-Herzegovina. Sometimes, Bosnia-Herzegovina is referred to as Bosnia and Herzegovina, or simply, Bosnia. These three titles are different names for the same country.

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Country Background
In 1991, areas within the country of Yugoslavia began to pull away and assert their independence. The first areas to declare independence were Croatia and Slovenia. Other areas soon followed. In 1992, an already fragmented Yugoslavia plunged into war. As a result of the war, Yugoslavia separated into several independent nations. One is Bosnia-Herzegovina. As the name implies, Bosnia-Herzegovina contains two regions - Bosnia and Herzegovina. The capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina is Sarajevo. A second country is the new Yugoslavia, which remains as a country in its own right, though it is much smaller than it used to be. The new Yugoslavia is composed of Serbia and Montenegro. Three other new independent states formed from the breakup. They are Croatia, Macedonia, and Slovenia.

The war in the former Yugoslavia has drastically impacted the lives of people living there. The people of Bosnia-Herzegovina are still working to rebuild and recreate and their lives, a difficult task. The country is a poor one. On a national level, the cost of the country's imports outweighs the revenue from its exports. On an individual level, much of the population has a hard time earning a living. Bosnia-Herzegovina is mostly rural, and farming is an important industry. Most of the farmland is found to the south of the country, in the Herzegovina region. Bosnia is a more mountainous region and is heavily forested.

The Bosnia-Herzegovina region of Europe has a strong tradition of Balkan music. Recently, people have started to use their music to help repair their war-torn country. For example, the Pavarotti Music Centre is using music therapy to help children who were traumatized during the war.

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