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Switzerland is a landlocked country, bordered by Austria, France, Italy, and Germany. Mountains from the Alps, the largest mountain range in Europe, dominate the Swiss landscape. The Matterhorn is part of the Swiss Alps and is a popular peak for mountain climbers. Many people associate St. Bernard dogs with the Swiss Alps and the Swiss national heritage because the dogs act as aides in mountain rescue missions.

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Country Background
Switzerland is one of the wealthiest nations in Europe. It has a long and proud history of political and economical stability. One reason for Switzerland's stable condition is its neutral status in the political world, which allows Switzerland to steer clear of disputes that have troubled other nations. Another reason is the excellent progress the Swiss people have made in the areas of technology and commerce. Switzerland is well known for its achievements in horology, the art and science of making clocks and watches.

Swiss culture is very unique. Examples of some practices typically associated with Swiss culture include a form of wordless singing called yodeling and the blasting of a huge horn instrument called the Alphorn. Alphorns can blow sound across great distances through the mountains. Swiss people speak a number of languages. The main languages are German, French, and Italian.

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland. One famous historical structure in Bern is the Zeitglockenturm, a clock tower that was built in 1530. Mechanical wooden figures including dancing bears and a knight in armor perform each time the clock strikes the hour. Bern was once the home of Albert Einstein. In fact, it was in Bern that Einstein developed his ground-breaking Theory of Relativity.

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