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Awakening the Possibilities
To consciously inspire others, I believe it's important to examine what inspires you... [more]

Coaches as Role Models
Just as parents are the first "real life" role models for children, teachers and coaches come next... [more]

The Power of Teamwork
Focus, teamwork, and commitment are the most necessary components to individual and team success... [more]

The Importance of Teamwork in Soccer
Soccer is, above all, a team sport. In order for a team to work well together, every player must be encouraged to contribute... [more]

The Emergence of Professional Coaching
The goal of a professional coaching relationship is to maximize human potential and at the same time maintain life balance... [more]

Badminton as a Fitness Program
Badminton is probably the least understood sport in the United States in terms of the physical demands required of its participants... [more]

Decathlon Training
Decathlon is a physically taxing set of events. It's essential to have a good understanding of the three basic concepts underlying training in general: recovery, balance, and technique... [more]

Organizing a Softball Team
Just as parents are the first real life role models for children, teachers and coaches come next. Coaches have immediate and quite visible responsibilities... [more]


Sending the Right Message
Kids can achieve amazing improvement and reach wonderful personal goals if the right person gives them the right message... [more]

Wrestling Basics
Before attending a wrestling match as a spectator, learn a few basics about the sport... [more]

Nobody Does It On Their Own
Parenting skills may be the most important mentoring skills we can have... [more]

Getting Kids to Listen with Interest
For our kids, navigating successfully through the scary and confusing growing-up years in can be a great challenge... [more]

Sending the Right Message
Kids can achieve amazing improvement and reach wonderful personal goals if the right person gives them the right message... [more]

Youth Soccer
Build character in your kids by getting them involved in soccer. Create a positive environment that emphasizes good sportsmanship, positive self-esteem, and kindness toward others... [more]

Handling Defeat
Sports are meant to be fun for everyone involved, and parents need to be supportive, act enthused about the sport, and keep it all in perspective by focusing on achievements, rather than miscues... [more]

Supporting Your Student Athlete
It's very important for children to feel that their parents applaud them and take an interest in their activities. Stress the positive, not the negative. [more]


Being Coachable
Everyone talks about finding a mentor or mentoring others, but few talk about the skills needed to be mentorable, to be coachable... [more]

Don't Play the Blame Game
We can learn from each setback, even if it occurred as a result of a freak accident... [more]

Let's Get Started
The future decathlete is probably already a member of a track team... [more]

Is Winning Everything?
Of course everyone wants to win. Everyone wants to be liked, admired, and respected for their achievements... [more]

Buying a Bicycle
Check out these points to consider before buying a bicycle... [more]

Selecting a Riding School
No matter what your level of experience with horses, a good riding school can be your best friend... [more]

No Deposit, No Return
The Olympian views each day of practice, each party unattended, each distraction withstood, or temptation resisted, as a part of the price gladly paid... [more]

The Winning Path
Everyone knows that Olympic athletes train very hard. But few people grasp the enormity of the physical and emotional commitment. [more]

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