Underwriting Policy Statement

EdGate is pleased that you are a part of our nationwide network of Copernicus Learning Communities. Through these communities, EdGate supports educators, students, and parents like you by providing high quality educational materials.

EdGate does not accept paid advertising. Instead, to help us deliver the best materials to your school or school district at a low cost, EdGate has formed agreements with select companies and organizations that help to underwrite some of our most exciting products and services.

These unique underwriting opportunities allow Copernicus Learning Communities to offer special–sometimes exclusive–educational content and services to you. EdGate is proud to partner with companies and organizations that demonstrate a solid, admirable commitment to education. Each time we bring on a new underwriter and partner, we have another chance to provide you with additional offerings that enhance your enjoyment and use of Copernicus Learning Communities.

If you have questions or concerns regarding EdGate's underwriting arrangements, please email us at customercare@edgate.com. Thank you.

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