Linking Policies

In order to provide the highest quality content on our Copernicus Learning Communities, EdGate abides by the following linking policies. Please see below for information on external links included on Copernicus Learning Communities, and rules regarding linking to Copernicus Learning Communities.

External Links Provided by Copernicus Learning Communities

At EdGate, we strive to enhance K-12 learning through effective, efficient use of the Internet. We believe that our Copernicus Learning Communities offer an easy-to-use solution that helps the K-12 community use the Web to impact student achievement, increase educator effectiveness, and facilitate parental involvement.

Copernicus Learning Communities aggregate and organize best-of-the-Web material–creating a one-stop spot for high-quality resources. Even better, Copernicus Learning Communities correlate these resources to local instructional standards to provide a specialized database of relevant lesson plans, assessments, and Web sites that meet individual district, school, and classroom needs. By linking administrators, teachers, students, and parents to meaningful resources and to each other, EdGate creates communities that support the learning process.

To build strong communities, EdGate uses an "open model" approach, which means that Copernicus Learning Communities bring together resources from many qualified sources, not just a pre-selected group of providers. Our open model approach also means that you can add your own favorite links to further customize your Copernicus Learning Community.

As a result, Copernicus Learning Communities routinely link to many external sites. When you exit your Copernicus Learning Community and enter an external site, we alert you using a Copernicus frame, which appears on the top of the Web site, or with a brief message that pops up onto your screen.

External sites are operated by third parties, and are not under the control of EdGate. Although our staff of veteran classroom educators carefully reviews each external site before including it on Copernicus Learning Communities, sometimes links change without our knowledge. Therefore, we invite you to help us with this process. If you find a link that you believe has changed and that you deem inappropriate, please contact us immediately at and we will work to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Linking to Copernicus Learning Communities

EdGate is happy to accommodate requests from other organizations, institutions, or companies who would like to link to our Copernicus Learning Communities for non-profit educational purposes and pursuits.

Groups who link to EdGate's Copernicus Learning Communities without clear evidence of instructional or educational intent will be directed to remove the link. EdGate reserves the right to request removal of any link it deems offensive, at any time.

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