Making Sense of Standards

How Learning Standards are Powering the Next Generation of EdTech

The way in which students learn is constantly changing (e.g. virtual learning, robotics, gaming). More curriculum includes social and emotional learning aspects and addresses specials skills. Content publishers are also updating their material to show diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With all of these changes, standards are constantly being created to ensure that the curriculum aligns to the required learning outcomes.

Join Gina Faulk, General Manager of EdGate, and Richard Portelance, V.P. of Marketing & General Manager of Journeys Map, as they explore the evolving landscape of standards, and what it means for publishers and EdTech providers.

Also in attendance to share first hand experience will be Bryan Dickens, CCO of Gameplan, the revolutionary Esports LMS platform that is bridging the gap between gaming and education. Bryan will provide insight into Gameplan's experience and view of the U.S. secondary and higher ed marketplaces, and how they are using standards alignment to power growth.

During this webinar attendees will gain information and insights including:

  • What is driving the pace of change to educational standards
  • How standards alignment can open new markets for EdTech providers
  • Why 1:1 precision alignments for assessment items is of benefit
  • What to expect over the coming year regarding standards
  • The importance of using interoperable standards (CASE identifiers)
  • And much more...

Join us on May 4, 2023 , Noon-1pm PDT (3pm EDT) for this fun, interactive conversation.

There will be a Q&A portion, so please bring your questions!