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Teen Driver’s Safety Page                        

 EdGate’s Teen Driver's Safety Page is brought to you by SAVEATEEN.COM.

Our goal is to give parents, teens and educators a solution that can help save lives and create safer drivers. SAVEATEEN.COM provides a confidential and affordable teen driving monitoring program that  encourages safe teen driving through direct accountability to those who matter most, the parents. To learn more about our program, visit

 SAVEATEEN.COM and EdGate have teamed to provide you with some Internet resources on safe driving education:

Parent Links

National Teen Driving Monitoring Program. Parent Registration takes less than 5 minutes.
A must for any parent of a 16 or 17 year old driver.

AAA Teaching Your Teens To Drive 

Handbook For Responsible Driving 10 Tips for Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe  

MADD Online

Online Study Guide for Student Drivers 

Parenting Guild – The Teen Driver  

Teen Links

Edmonds: Teen Driver Safety Series  

NHTSA: Saving Teenage Lives   

SADD Online

SafeLight Charlotte:Teen Driver Safety Site  

Sixteen Year Old Driver   

Educator Links

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association 

Ask Mr. Traffic 

CARS: Vehicle and Equipment Information

Just One Night  

Northwestern University Center for Public Safety 

Traffic Safety 

Who’s Who in Traffic Safety 


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