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Play Ball! Teachable Science and Math Ideas about Baseball

Educators, take a look at these sites to learn how you can use baseball to teach science and math. Students, check out these cool, sports-related activities.

Are seams important in a baseball?
Do seams on a baseball influence the flow of the throw? Or are they just for holding the skin together? Practice virtual pitches on this site and discover the impact that seams have on the throw.

How old is the "old ball game"?
How old is baseball? In what country did it originate? Create a timeline that documents great moments in baseball history.

What does turbulence have to do with pitching?
What does a baseball create when it flies through the air? What does "trajectory" mean? Get three tips on how to pitch a baseball, learn how to form different grips, and check out other baseball links.

What is the surface area of a baseball?
Ever wonder what you'd find if you "unpeeled" a baseball? Learn how to measure the "skin" of a baseball to find its surface area. Then try some other great baseball math activities.

Lesson on batting averages and math
Calling all middle- and high-school baseball players. Think you're good at playing the game? Test your skills at solving math problems about the sport! Use stats from legendary baseball greats to calculate batting averages and more.

Baseball... across the curriculum.
This article gathers more than 10 great sites, each containing a novel way to integrate baseball into your science, math, and history curriculum. Even better, the site contains excellent visuals and sound effects. Great ideas for spring math lessons or extra credit!

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