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Native American

Fact Monster: Native American Music
Did you know that for many Native Americans, singing is the main way to communicate with the supernatural? Read this article on Native American Music, and you’ll learn about this primarily vocal art.

Native American Music: Britannica
Learn all about the traditional songs and music of Native Americans. Read the introduction, then use Britannica’s outline at the bottom to find more information on things ranging from instruments to vocal techniques.

Native Music and Arts Organizations and Individuals
This link library can jumpstart your search for Native American music on the Web. With frequent updates and annotations, this page, part of a larger site devoted to Native American culture, is a great resource.

Rainbow Walker Productions
With music recommendations, radio programs, an information page, and music downloads, this site successfully melds the sounds and history of American Indian and Canadian Native music. Be sure to check out the Rainbow Walker Traditional Music and Dance Information Page,

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