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Border Music: Tex-Mex Conjunto
One of the most enduring musical traditions among Mexicans and Mexican Americans is the accordion-based ensemble known as conjunto, popular for over 100 years. With a lengthy article, CD clips, and photographs, anthropologist Michael Pena provides a multi-media account of this popular musical tradition.

Conjunto Music
Want to find out about conjunto music? This site contains links to sites and articles designed to introduce you to the music of the Mexico/United States border region, including its style, history, cultural significance, and artistry.

Lirio Azul
This bilingual English/Spanish site is dedicated to the preservation of historical Mexican and Latin American popular music of the early 20th century. It contains articles, photos, sheet music, and vintage recordings of Mexican popular music.

This engaging article, written for the online magazine HISPANIC, describes the recent revival of interest, especially among Mexican-Americans, in the centuries-old Mariachi music.

A brief history of the Tex-Mex sound, this article starts with 19th century Germany and ends with the recent tragic murder of popular Tex-Mex singer Selena.

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