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Everything Jewish - The Essential Guide to Israeli Music
With its annotated "Essential List of Israeli Popular Music," this site presents an informal and chatty view of the local music scene in Israel. A great introduction to Israeli popular music, this site is a good one to visit before checking out the numerous tribute sites listed on other Israeli music Web sites.

Israeli Music Online
Frequently updated, the site offers chat, news, links, and the top 20 Israeli songs of the past century. Check out the links page, with its listing of numerous official and unofficial tribute sites to Israeli pop stars, to see who are the most popular artists in Israel today.

Radio Israel
Hear live Israeli radio broadcasts direct from Israel (fee required). This site also links you to music news, SabraChat, and features a top 10 list of Israeli music bestsellers.

Sephardi Connection
Sephardi music, which draws on Greek, Turkish, and Yemenite influences, is hugely popular in Israel today. Listen to some top artists to hear the signature Mediterranean sound.

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