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The Caribbean

Afro Cuba Web
This large, well-organized site focuses heavily on Cuban music, but also addresses issues of racial and cultural identity in Cuba. In addition to news and resources, the site also provides links to several lively discussion groups.

AMG: Calypso and Steel Band Music
Select the "World" button from the menu, then choose one of several articles on calypso. The best calypso and steel band music emerging from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago comes from the competitions held during the carnival season. These articles analyze the famous sounds of the Caribbean's most recognizable music from its intricate instrumentation to its prominent artists.

AMG: Caribbean Music Styles
Choose the "World" category from the menu, then click on the link "Caribbean Music Styles." You'll learn that though the Caribbean may be popularly known for steel drum and calypso ensembles, its variety of music styles are as varied as the nations which make up the region. Read brief descriptions highlighting the instruments and expression of music of six major styles of local music.

AMG: Dominican Republic
On the main page, choose "World" from the buttons, then select the "Dominican Republic" link. According to this essay's author, the Dominican's Afro-Latino ethnicities are reflected in its diverse range of music. The essay discusses one aspect of its musical culture's compromise, the middle ground between its European and African roots called merengue. From this excellently written short history, learn how the creation of music is affected by the politics of other nations and the politics of self-expression.

AMG: Zouk Music
Select the "World" link here, then choose "Zouk" from the list of articles. Although Zouk music isn't truly rooted in any traditional music form, its explosion onto the popular music scene reached and influenced millions in the French-speaking Africa. Log on to this site to read more about the development and short history of this truly global music.

Bata Drums
Bata drumming is one of many styles of Afro-Cuban drumming. This site also describes the other types, with hot-button links to in-depth explanations of unfamiliar terms, and provides a great links page to related sites.

Latin and Caribbean Music
This link library provides a useful annotated listing of linked Latin and Caribbean (especially Cuban) music sites. There are also brief bios available of selected top Afro-Cuban musicians.

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