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Brazilian Music
Dedicated to preserving and propagating Afro-Brazilian culture, this site features articles, bios, and interviews with Afro-Brazilian musicians, artists, and writers. See links to articles on the samba and capoeira.

Brazilian Music Links
This link library takes you to scores of sites on Brazilian music. Music categories include: bossa nova, rock, carnaval, manguebeat, classical, and samba and choro. don't miss the links to informative articles and interviews, music downloads sites, and discussion groups. Note that many of the sites listed are in Spanish or Portuguese.

Cultures of the Andes
Hear songs sung in Quechua, the language of the people of the Andes. This page, part of a larger site devoted to the culture of the Andes Mountain region of South America, contains song lyrics in Quechua, Spanish, and English and RealAudio files to download.

Discover Brazil
Hear the sounds of Brazil. This sites provides audio clips, recommended reading lists, and annotated links to sites on various types of Brazilian music. The music pages are part of a larger site devoted to Brazil, which covers its history, geography, music, cinema, literature, and colonial towns.

Music from the Andes
Hear a selection of music from the Andes. These songs have been collected, digitized, and presented here as hand-picked examples of different musical styles from the region.

Music Samples from Peru
Want to hear the sound of Peru? This site contains a few handpicked contemporary Peruvian songs to download (all in .au file format).

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