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Southern Europe

Accordion Links: Southern Europe
Organized into French, Spanish/Portuguese, and Italian sections, this links library provides a helpful listing of accordion players, groups, and organizations in Southern Europe. With commentary accompanying the hot-button links to the Web sites, plus symbols indicating the language of the site, this page is a great entry into the world of European accordion music.

Balkan Music
This link library will take you to sites devoted to the music of the Balkans: Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Klezmer, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish, and Yugoslav. This site was developed by Muammer Ketencoglu, a Turkish musician and producer.

William Washabaugh, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, presents an introduction to flamenco, with an emphasis on its social and political context, plus links to related sites, and the text of some recent articles on flamenco. The essays, which are written in an accessible and engaging style, will be of particular interest to educators.

Flamenco: Resources for Beginners
Aimed primarily at people who want to learn flamenco guitar, this site also contains links to flamenco Web sites and organizations, in addition to listings of instructional manuals, videos, software, sheet music, and recordings. Although the organization of the page is confusing, the author's annotated links are quite helpful.

AMG: The Flamenco
Click on the "World" button on this site, then scroll down to the essays on flamenco. The very image of flamenco evokes a notion of traditional Spain whose cultural significance might only be eclipsed by bullfighting. But there is nothing entirely traditional about its roots and conclusive in its style. Research the history on this traditional Moorish music form which, in spite of its many stylish changes in the present, contains a common formula in its music and the emotions which it stirs.

Greek Music
Consult this page for a quick overview of the history of Greek music. Hot-button links provide additional information on Greek deities and classical philosophers.

Meri's Italian Folksinging Page
This site was created to pass on the oral tradition of Italian folksongs, many sung in dialect. Read the words to over 100 Italian folksongs along with folkdance steps, links to folk groups around the world, music albums, and specialized musical instruments. For non-readers of Italian, the extensive links page is probably the most useful resource.

MIDI Page Portugal
Hear a great variety of traditional Portuguese music. This uncluttered site features MIDI files of almost exclusively traditional Portuguese music. There is also a great links page.

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