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Northern Europe

Cantaria is a library of bardic songs intended to promote the living song tradition through passing on folk songs old and new. This site contains lyrics for over 100 songs, most with accompanying sound clips. Songs are categorized under these headings: pre-1600, traditional, and contemporary.

Celtic Music
Read "What is Celtic Music" for a cogent overview of this musical tradition. Also see the link at the bottom of the page to "What is Irish Traditional Music?" This page is part of a larger site produced by Ceolas, a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of Celtic music.

English Folk and Traditional Music on the Internet
This link library is excellent starting point. Links are grouped under these headings: general guides; definitions; organizations; libraries, archives and museums; academic research; magazines and journals; discographies and bibliographies; songs, tunes and dances; instruments; specific genres; events; artists; folk music businesses; and regional resources. Not only are there numerous links, they are also annotated. The author aims to be selective as well as comprehensive.

Irish Traditional Music on the Internet
For links to an assortment of sites related to traditional Irish music, this page is a great resource. The links are helpfully categorized, and most are annotated.

Music of Finland
Listen to recordings by Finnish artist Maria Kalaniemi then read what she has to say about the Finnish roots of her music. This site contains numerous audio clips, articles, and interviews and will be of interest to Finnish music fans as well as newcomers to the Finnish sound.

Music in Finland
The article "Music in Finland" provides a thorough overview of the music of Finland. Follow hot-button links to additional illustrated articles on composers and musicians, plus discographies. This content-rich site is full of well-written articles and vivid illustrations.

Scottish Music Information
From "Where Can I Get Bagpipes?" to Suggestions for a Scottish National Anthem, this page contains links to various types of information on Scottish music. This page is part of the FAQ for the soc.culture.scottish newsgroup, which provides a wealth of content on Scottish culture more generally.

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