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Eastern Europe

Music in Latvia
Discover the wealth of musical styles and performers from Latvia, from classical to electronic. The site features links to Latvian jazz clubs, choral groups, folk singers, and more.

Little Russia
Opera, church music, folk songs, romantic songs, pop music, and rock and roll: this site introduces you to various types of Russian music, with artist bios, photos, and audio clips. The site is rich with links describing and illustrating, visually and aurally, the sounds of Russia past and present.

Virtual Museum of World Instruments
The Ukrainian bandura and the Russian balalaika are two of the instruments you'll encounter on this content-rich site, produced by the International Folk Culture Center of Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. don't miss the link to the interesting article "Christmas Carols in Bulgaria" at the end of the balalaika page. The site is available in English or Spanish.

Yiddish Music
Klezmer, a musical tradition of the Eastern European Jews, dates back to the 1500s. This site provides historical background on the origins and development of this musical style, discusses the more recent Klezmer revival in Europe and the United States, and offers descriptive and ordering information for scores of recordings. Sheet music and songbooks are also available to purchase.

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