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Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre
Learn to play the didgeridoo. This site, presented by the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre of Central Australia, is a terrific resource for anyone seeking information on aboriginal art and music. Read the background and history of the didgeridoo, and then learn to play the instrument through detailed, step-by-step instruction. RealAudio required.

Australian Music
This site provides a simple introduction to Australian aboriginal music. Visual and audio illustrations enhance otherwise straightforward explanations of what a didgeridoo is, how it's played, and how long it's been around.

Stephen Kent
Fans of the didjeridu--a traditional wind instrument of the Australian aborigines--can listen to recordings of music performed by a master of the instrument. Read a profile of the composer and performer, listen to audio clips, and learn about the history of the didjeridu.

Yothu Yindi
Experience the sounds of Yothu Yindi, a popular Australian group that combines aboriginal songs with Western instrumentation. Their site contains a vision statement, discography, large selection of audio clips, and art gallery.

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