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Carnatic Music
Although not very visually interesting, this site is an excellent introduction to Carnatic music, the classical music of Southern India. The author, a music scholar, presents the common features of Carnatic music, and he discusses its appeal for a Western audience. See especially the Beginner's List for an annotated list of recordings.

Gateway to India
This site is great for educators and students seeking information on a range of topics related to India. The Indian Classical Music page links you to pages on the music of Southern India (Carnatic), and the music of Northern India (Hindustani).

Indian Classical Music
Well-organized and easy to navigate, this site provides an excellent introduction to the classical music of India. Learn the history, heritage, influences, and structure of Indian music. See the Potpourri section for a database of teachers of Indian classical music in the United States.

Indian Classical Music FAQ
This site offers in-depth information on Carnatic as well as Hindustani music with bibliographies, information about Indian percussion, great performances, and links to lists and collections. Note: even the "Carnatic Music Primer" is somewhat technical and more appropriate for upper-level music students and educators.

Indian Music: Encarta
Get an overview of Indian music. Covering both classical and folk/popular music, this article provides a straightforward account of the vocal and instrumental music composed and played by the people of India. The text is concise and easy-to-follow. don't miss the Further Reading link at the end of the article.

Introduction to North Indian Music
This is an introduction to Indian music types and instruments. Click on the hyperlinks to read more information on individual instruments and styles, as well as recommended books and CDs that feature these instruments. Listen to samples of Indian music while you browse this site.

Indian Music Instruments
This site introduces you to the main classical music traditions of India. Articles on Carnatic and Hindustani music discuss the development, structure, and major composers of these two traditions. Check out one link for a brief description of Indian classical musical instruments.

Indian Rhythmic Cycles
The cyclic nature of life, a basic tenet of Hindu philosophy, is reflected in Indian classical music through the device of tala, a recurring time-measure or rhythmic cycle. This site presents North and South Indian rhythm exercises, arranged for general MIDI conga and bongo. Use these to practice, or as a rhythm track for an original composition.

Music of India - India Ministry of External Affairs
With its cogent explanation of Indian classical music, including its philosophy and constitutive elements, plus additional pages on classical musicians, composers, and musical instruments of India, this site is an excellent starting point. The site contains information on a range of topics related to India.

This free ezine, an educational magazine for the music and fine arts of India, features lessons on Indian music and the various instruments of India like the sitar, tabla, and dilrubha. Although the site hasn't been updated since 1998, the past issues of the ezine contain a great deal of information.

Santoor: Pandit Shivkumar Sharma
Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, a maestro of the santoor, inspired this tribute site, which also contains clear and informative content on the santoor, the oldest known string instrument of India. This site also includes a glossary of unfamiliar terms, plus a general introduction to Indian classical music.

The Tabla Site
This site offers a variety of information on the tabla. It has basic charts and advice for beginners, but there are also many academic articles on the tabla and tabla instruction. It provides a comprehensive glossary of Indian music terms, and also has an illustrated section on how the tabla is made.

Hindi Music From MusicOnNet
This site provides hundreds of Hindi songs to download including pop, oldies, ghazals, qawalis, bhajans, and bhagras. While not all of the links work, this is still a great audio resource.

Makar Records presents an extensive Indian classical music site. The site offers a short introduction to Indian classical music, instruments, musicians, styles, schools, events, and books. MP3s are available to download; CDs can be ordered online. This site is available in three languages: French, German, and English.

Music India Online
Discover the world of Indian music. Here you'll find a wealth of RealAudio tracks to experience the music of India, including Carnatic, Hindustani, Jugalbandhi, plus music from various regions in India and film soundtracks.

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