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Vocal Care and Healing Voice Care
Although the Voice Care page is long, it offers detailed and well-written advice for understanding and preventing or recovering from the vocal problems that singers may face. The main page is also very helpful for finding information about other human diseases and ailments.

University of Pittsburgh Voice Center
Feel that you are not speaking the way you used to? Check out this site that offers clinical information and a library geared towards informing the layman all about how the vocal chords work and voice problems. It also has definitions of vocal problems and pictures of throat problems. And of course, it guides you to find medical care at the University of Pittsburgh medical center.

Voice Care Clinic
Mary Grover, a voice and speech pathologist and singing teacher, offers advice for voice care on this page. Check out her pages explaining and giving advice on dysphonia, muscle tension, and laryngitis. She also has a number of links providing further information.

The VoiceCare Network
The VoiceCare Network is an educational organization providing lifespan voice education for vocalists of all sorts, taking a scientific approach to teaching. You can learn all about this unique school by logging on to this site.

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