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General Information

The Singing Voice
The Singing Voice provides detailed information, history, and links about the human voice, opera, and the art of singing. Check out articles on vocal anatomy, the history of singing, and pedagogy. And don't miss the links to "singing pigs."

K-12 Resources for Music Educators
Created by Cynthia Shirk of Mankato Public Schools (Minn.), this page provides an excellent index of resources divided into the following categories: Band Teachers, Orchestra Teachers, Vocal/Choral Teachers, Classroom Music Teachers, Valuable Sites.

The Throat Singers of Tuva: Scientific American
Read about the amazing throat-singers of Tuva, in Siberia. Throat-singers can create sounds unlike anything in ordinary speech and song: such as carrying two musical lines simultaneously, or even harmonizing with a waterfall. This article from Scientific American contains numerous hot-button links to more in-depth explanations and illustrations, plus nifty movie and music clips. QuickTime player required.

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