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General Information

Culturefinder: The Internet Address for the Performing Arts
Looking for the latest play or musical nearest you? This site, which allows you to purchase tickets and read about performing arts going on around the nation, can certainly be of help. You can explore different categories of the performing arts and read reviews on this site as well.

Mermaniac – A Show Tunes Weblog
A complete link library, the site offers excellent links to columnists, Web zines, record stores, and theater sites featuring show tunes. Read the latest article on concert events, check out the discussion forum, or read more information on a songwriter’s works.

Sam's Musical Box
This Musical Box contains a plethora of links to other music-theatre sites worldwide that are often very helpful. It also links to major composers, individual sites for Andrew Lloyd Webber and Boubil & Schonberg productions, other major musicals, and two sites for performers.

Theater Central
This link library offers plenty of theatre resources and the latest industry news. Find fan sites for performers, playwrights or playwrights’ associations, and links to companies that produce software for lighting or ticket scheduling. You can also buy tickets or CDs and search theatre listings in the United States and Britain using this site.

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