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Audition Guidelines
Interested in auditioning for an opportunity to get an ensemble scholarship to Georgetown College? Check up this page that will tell you the requirements, the schedule of audition opportunities, and also information on the music program there.

The Singer’s Workshop
The Workshop offers voice analyses to identify problems, and then offers programs and services for you to improve your singing. It also posts notices of auditions when it has programs that require singers. There is a branch of the workshop in France as well.

The Stage
Are you looking for stage opportunities? This U.K. based Web site offers an opportunity for people involved in stage work to come together. It provides news and legal advice, but even more importantly, it maintains an extensive and well-organized database of jobs and audition opportunities for actors and singers.

Vocal Arts Resource Network
While this page caters to Ohio vocalists, it does offer postings of audition opportunities in other parts of the United States and internationally as well. It also provides information on competitions, conferences, and workshops nationwide.

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