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MIDIs, Sheet Music, and Software

Baby Boomer Bus Songs
Revisit the school bus songs of the Baby Boomers. This site contains the lyrics to many silly songs sung by students on school bus trips in the late 60s and early 70s.

Beyond Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Sing and listen to music sung in rounds. This site features lyrics, music, and sound clips for over 30 rounds, each with a short description and difficulty rating. Sound plug-ins required.

Children's Songs
can't remember the words to "Frog Went a Courtin"? This site, part of a larger teacher resource website, presents the lyrics for dozens of familiar children's songs, plus MIDI files to play or download. don't miss the links section at the bottom of the page for other sources of children's song lyrics.

Choral Archives
Concerned about copyright issues? Download MIDIs in the public domain of choral music by composers from Archangelsky to Vivaldi. Going to the main site, you will be able to find much information on Church music.

ChoralNet is the Internet Center for Choral Music. It consists of three open email lists dedicated to the choral art, two email lists for operational management, a gateway link from ChoralTalk to the USENET newsgroup, and the ChoralNet Web site, which offers over 1,000 links to choral music and related sites.

Choral Pieces for Christmas
Find out where to get the best Christmas-carol books. This discussion page from one of the email lists contains numerous suggestions and source information.

The Choral Public Domain Library
If you thought public domain music is hard to find, think again. This library offers MIDIs and scores of a large number of choral works from many different composers. There are also links to related sites or sources for some of the works offered. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Composition Finder
This detailed and well-organized site helps you find information on the precise choral work that you want to perform.

Libretto Home Page
Lyle Neff's site is for those looking for Public-Domain opera libretti and other vocal texts. You must "Agree" to not send reference questions to the owner before being allowed to enter the site.

MUSICA - International Database of Choral Repertoire
MUSICA is an extensive database of choral music from around the world. There are currently 14 countries participating; the Web site is available in English, French, Spanish, and German. The Expert Search allows you to select from among 27 different search criteria, from "author of melody" to "difficulty for the singer." The links page reflects the international focus, with links to organizations and music publishers far and wide.

Technology-Based Music Instruction
Part of a program aimed at the professional development of K-12 music educators in technology-based music instruction, this site has numerous practical classroom resources. In the "Example in Choral Music" section, you can: read about software, hardware, and how they are used; see lesson plans and examples of projects; download copies of files and handouts; and see examples of student work. Also see sections on General Music, Instrumental Music, and High School Music Theory.

Texts of Lieder and Art Songs
What's a Lieder? Find the answer to this and other questions on the site's FAQ. Then find the lyrics to many thousands of classical art songs in more than 20 languages (primarily English, French, and German) in this extensive and easy-to-use archive.

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