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AMG: 90s Rock
Once on this site, click "rock" from the header, and then click "90s" in the decade to access the rich content on this time period. Click on an active style, such as ambient pop or grundge, and then get information on this type of rock music popular in the 90s. Also, there is an extensive list of biographies on 90s musicians. Click on the link, and you’ll get an overview of the artist’s career. This is a helpful site for those researching the history of rock and roll.

Pop and Rock Music Reference Books
If you want to read reviews of books about rock music in the 1990s, this site is very useful. The site also includes reviews of punk and pop music reference books, as well as books about rock music from before the 1990s.

Rock Music
Interested in knowing about 1990s rock and the music that preceded it? This encyclopedia article provides a short and informative description of how 1990s rock came to be. Short descriptions of the many varieties of rock are included and there are also some links to related articles.

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