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AMG: 60s Rock
Once on this site, click "rock" from the header, and then click "60s" in the decade to access the rich content on this decade. Then, choose an active style, such as bubblegum or doo wop, and get information on this type of rock music popular in the 60s. Also, there is an extensive list of biographies on 60s musicians. Click on the link, and you’ll get an overview of the artist’s career. This is a helpful site for those researching the history of rock and roll.

Britannica: Rock in the 60s
Brought to you by the encyclopedia experts at Britannica, this article looks at music in the 60s. Log on and learn more about how this music continuously redeveloped over time, and evolved into more complicated and varied sub-genres.

Stroll down memory lane and listen to the medleys and clips of music from the 1960s on RealPlayer. If you would like to listen to samples of music from other genres, you can also find it on the main site in the many music pages they offer. You can also link to other sites on music, movies, recording artists, and other useful downloads and information.

Loki's Lyrics Links
Looking for lyrics that you like? Loki's lists lots of musicians and groups from the sixties and seventies in alphabetical order, providing scores and lyrics for their music. Though most of the musician pages are hosted offsite, some pages also provide extra information like bios and discographies and reviews.

Rock and Roll MIDIs
This page offers plenty of rock and roll songs by a variety of artists, available in MIDI format. You can also look up the Christmas MIDI collection, or check out the British rock music page for more MIDIs to download.

The Sixties Pop Diary
On this site you can find lists of books and timelines of major events, including new releases for every year in the sixties, album reviews of re-mastered sixties hits, and additional links.

The Sixties Rock and Roll Index
The Index is a link library that offers links to excellent resources on sixties rock. Check out sites dedicated to one musician or another, or find out about Detroit's rock scene in the 1960s.

Wanderer's Real Audio Oldies Music Song
Would you like to listen to oldies in MP3 format? This site has a large collection of over 35,000 pieces of oldies songs and classified in categories like Wanderer's Jukebox and Italian Oldies. Apart from songs, it offers links to other sites, downloads of screensavers and MP3-related software.

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