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AMG: 50s Rock
Learn how rock and roll's three chords, strong back beat, and catchy melodies evolved from blues, R&B, country, and gospel. On this AMG site, you'll get an overview of Rock's origins in the 50s, and also learn about important albums and artists of the time. Once on this site, click "rock" from the header, and then click "50s" in the decade to access the rich content on this decade.

Fifties Website
The fifties were the decade that gave birth to rock and roll as we know it. Before you study the origins of rock and roll, dig deep into this online time capsule and explore fifties television shows, trivia, and history. Then head to the music section to learn about the musicians, songs, and lyrics that defined the decade.

Rock and Roll of the Fifties and Sixties
Get directed to official pages or sites that provide biographies and discographies of individual musicians, check out images from this era like Superman and drive-in movies, or listen to some online radio stations.

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