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AMG: Reggae Music
Select "reggae" from the top header on this site, and you'll enter an informative page on this subject. According to the author of this essay, reggae approximates the closest thing to a universal music this century. This bold claim stems from the music's charged beginnings at the outset of Jamaica's move for independence and has been the medium through which suffering people worldwide have refracted their own desires. Read about the artists and historical moments that moved reggae.

Reggae History: Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute
As this article suggests, although Reggae is unique to Jamaica, it is rooted in New Orleans rhythm and blues. But reggae itself has influenced artists around the world including Paul Simon and Eric Clapton in the United States. This article briefly describes the history of reggae and its persistence and influence in contemporary music.

Ritchie's Reggae Pages: What is Reggae?
Reggae may be firmly entrenched in the world music scene, yet few know of its history and its precursors: ska and rock steady. Most people associate reggae with the tunes of Bob Marley, although the main genre has branched out into different styles, including the emergence of ska into popular American music. This essay describes the sounds and styles associated with reggae throughout time and its growing currency worldwide.

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