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AMG: Rap Music
Choose the "Rap Music" button, then select the "Rap Music" entry to learn about the world of rap music. The All Music Guide chronicles the history and evolution of rap music from Sugar Hill Gang’s 1979 album Rapper’s Delight to where it is today. Log on and learn more about this popular art form.

BBC Education: Listen and Write
Virtuoso rappers and beginning lyricists should try their hand at writing catchy rhymes and raps on the BBC Education Rap Realm. Follow the cues of Web guide and rhymester Beattie B, who provides some example of his own lyrics, think of some for yourself, and submit your work. Rap/Hip-Hop provides a cogent history of rap's twenty-year existence. Starting from the grandfathers of rap like the Sugar Hill Gang the article goes on to describe the landmark albums, events, and controversies of the genre up to the present. You can even access information on different strands of rap such as old school rap and G-funk.

Scratch Simulator
What rapper is complete without his DJ? At this site you can be both the DJ and the rapper with these simulated turntables. Scratch, spin, and mix up your own beats while you fill in with your own lyrics.

World Book: Rap
Take a look at an encyclopedic approach to describing the phenomenon of rap music. Easily the most popular music form emerging from the 80s this article takes a look at the speculated Jamaican roots of American rap and briefly glances at the major recording artist along the way.

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