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New Age Music: Introduction to New Age Music and Related Genres
Did you know that new age music is made up of categories like "ambient," "electronic," "neo-classical," and even "space music?" If you are new to the new age genre then you can sharpen your wits on this site which also contains a listing of great new age artists and samples of their music.

New Age Music Made Simple
While most people can't agree on what new age music world is, they can usually agree on the foundation of its movement. In short, the emergence of new-age music captured a feeling that had existed in previous generations: the idea of moving forward into a new world. Rather than exploring the genre's complexity, author Stephen Hill attempts to sort through the many popularizations of new age music in order to find common psychological and motivational characteristics underlying his understanding of new age in the present.

What is New Age Music?
This site explores the evolution of new age from its etymological roots in sociology to its classification encompassing a blend of music styles. You can also find links to other great online articles confronting the question, "What is new age music?"

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