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Glossary of Latin Music Terms
As Latin music increases its presence in the world music scene, the importance of glossaries of Latin music terminology like this one is no longer just for academics or hardcore fans. Here you'll find relatively extensive, technical definitions of Latin music styles, instruments, and terms from all over the globe.

Guide to Latin Music
Latin America is a concatenation of many nations with varied cultures and musical traditions, each containing their own distinct sounds. This page explores topics pertaining to the histories, rhythms, and major artists that make up the styles of various regions or countries of Latin America.

Latin American Music Styles
This page starts by discussing the decidedly slippery slope of categorizing music into monikers like "Latin" and "Spanish" and goes on to explore the different musical styles which generically comprise Latin music. The labels for the various Latin music styles are concise and are accompanied by music samples.

Latin Influence
Latin music has certainly left its mark on the music world as testified by these short essays by written by middle-school students. The essays briefly reflect on the enormous impact of Latin pop artists like Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez on the mainstream's musical tastes and there is even a short quiz to test your proficiency of Latin-American pop culture.

Music in Latin America
This easy-to-use Internet directory of Latin America allows fans and students of this enormous music genre to explore the many components that make up its whole. The links are organized according to region and country.

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