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Electronic Breakdown
Resembling a family tree of sorts, this page breaks down the family of electronic music by drawing relationships between its myriad siblings.

Electronic Music Foundation
The development of electronic music is one of the most remarkable musical achievements of the 20th Century. The electronic music foundation is a non-profit organization that ensures the continued development and public education for this growing art form. Find out more about the Foundation and take a look at their education programs for electronic musicians at their site.

The Electronica Primer
Keeping up with all of the sub-genres of electronic music is no easy task. The Electronica Primer lets you in on the history and beats of styles ranging from house to techno. You can expect to find comprehensive explanations and great sound clips accompanying each style.

Fact Monster: Electronic Music
Read this short history and explanation of electro-acoustic music. You’ll learn about the first electronic instrument, the Theremin, invented in 1920, and later electronic music styles, such as the "musique concrete" developed in Paris. Electronica/Dance
In this day and age of computer-dominated lifestyles it is certainly no surprise that computer technology has trickled its way into the music scene. But did you know that experimentation with electronic music happened way back in the immediate postwar years. Read this excellent primer on the evolution of electronic music and you can even delve into the diverse classes of music that comprise electronic.

Streetsound Groove Selector
The Streetsound Groove Selector is a handy resource for navigating the complex world of electronic music. Its concise, technical definitions of the varied electronica music movements are often accompanied by sound clips.

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