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General Information Chinese Opera
This search yielded tons of links to Chinese opera, drama, and culture. Log on and learn all you'll need to know about the history of this art form.

Aida's Brothers and Sisters: Black Voices in Opera
In "Behind the Scenes," writer John Ardoin introduces us to the African-American pioneers in opera. The life and legacy of Marian Anderson is the subject of "A Look at the Work." An interview with soprano Shirley Verrett about her career and the struggles of black artists to succeed in the world of opera is featured in "Meet the Artists." The QuickTime video clips are worth the visit to this site.

Aria Database
The Aria Database is a diverse collection of information on over 1,000 operatic arias. Designed for singers and non-singers alike, the Database includes translations and aria texts of most arias as well as a collection of MIDI files of operatic arias and ensembles.

At the Opera
NPR's At the Opera is an artistic breakthrough: a laid-back, unpretentious, and fun approach to understanding the highs, lows, and mezzo-sopranos of the opera world. Similar to the pre- and post-game shows for professional sports, At the Opera sets the stage for America's great opera broadcasts: the Metropolitan Opera, the Lyric Opera, and NPR's World of Opera. Be sure to visit the Archives of past shows.

Creating Original Opera
The Metropolitan Opera Guild "Creating Original Opera" Teacher Training Program is a course of study for elementary and middle schools that provides music and classroom teachers with the necessary skills, information, and methodologies to guide their students through the process of developing, producing, and creating original opera/music theater in the schools.

Fan(tom) of the Opera
Fan(tom) of the Opera is a New York Times Daily Lesson Plan. In this two-day lesson, students explore the ways in which the worlds of popular music and opera can work together to complement the other.

Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive is devoted to the operas and other works of William S. Gilbert and Arthur S. Sullivan. The Archive, which was established in September 1993, includes a variety of G&S related items, including clip art, librettos, plot summaries, pictures of the original G&S stars, song scores, MIDI and MPEG audio files (which allow you to actually listen to the music), and newsletter articles.

Metropolitan Opera
Visit New York's famous opera house. Be sure to check in the "Met History" and "Stories of the Operas" sections for more information.

MSN Encarta: Opera
Microsoft's online encyclopedia article about "Opera" gives an excellent explanation for beginners as well as regular operagoers. The information is several pages deep, so be sure to hit all the links.

NPR's World of Opera
The host of NPR World of Opera is Steve Curwood. Check your local NPR listing for radio time and visit the Web site for links about the opera, or the "Archives" section for those you've missed.

Opera America
OPERA America serves and strengthens the field of opera by providing a variety of informational, technical, and administrative resources to the greater opera community. OPERA America's fundamental mission is to promote opera as exciting and accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

PBS: The Three Tenors
In this Web feature, you'll find video clips of the performance, information on the background of the Three Tenors and the works performed, biographical sketches of the singers and conductor, a Three Tenors game, a guide to the operatic landmarks of Paris featuring an interactive map, an essay on opera that includes a capsule history of the form, a glossary, and an illustrated opera timeline.

Traditional Chinese Operas
This site helps differentiate some of the dozens of schools of traditional Chinese operas. The included schools are: Peking Opera, Kun Opera, Shaoxing Opera, Huangmei Opera, Yue Opera, Chuan Opera, Ping Opera, Hebei Bangzi, Henan Bangzi, Chao Opera.

The World's Greatest Operas
Visit the World's Greatest Operas and learn how to be an opera buff in a short span of time. They might have ridiculous plots, but opera is music drama at its most sublime and passionate. Jeremy Beadle lightheartedly tells you everything you need to know about 10 essential showstoppers.

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