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Player Piano
There are close to 100 pages on this Web site that include photos and MIDI samples of player pianos, nickelodeons, carousel organs, band organs, and calliopes. This is a fun site that offers MPG3 video clips of the old nickelodeon and player pianos. It requires a fast connection to appreciate these old instruments; however, the time spent downloading is well worth the wait.

Ragtime MIDI Files by Warren Trachtman
This site offers a MIDI-file collection of ragtime piano pieces by Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb, Jelly-Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, and others. The site is developing an interactive database that will search music by artist name, song title or type such as MIDI file, sheet music source, audio source, and piano rolls.

Ragtime Press
Hear Ragtime, Blues, Stride, and Boogie piano played live by Sue Keller. This site is the self-proclaimed "digital reincarnation of the ragtime era" including music samples, sheet music, and photo albums. Also included is a “quote of the moment” that relates to, what else, ragtime.

Vaudeville and Ragtime Show
The Internet's Vaudeville and Ragtime Show features early ragtime and vaudeville performers. This site includes many ragtime and vaudeville songs and routines archived in RealAudio formats.

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