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Black, White & Blue
This is not only a tribute to the blues piano, but also an attempt to gather useful information about blues pianists, their lives, their songs, the way they feel the blues, and their tips & tricks to play the blues piano. The site is also a tribute to the great blues pianists, such as Otis Spann, Sunnyland Slim, Memphis Slim, Big Maceo Merryweather, and many more.

The Blue Flame Cafe
Visit this interactive biographical encyclopedia and learn the story behind many blues greats. Download audio files, view photographs, and read bios as this interactive history of the blues is mapped out for you. The site also includes an extensive list of links to blues clubs and Internet sites, alphabetically organized for easy access.

The Blue Highway
As a well-designed, lyrical account of the history of the blues in the United States, this site is an attractive and informative resource. The site features bios, a bulletin board, a listing of blues radio programs around the world, "the blues news," and links to RealAudio blues programming.

Blue Note
The Blue Note is the "hottest" jazz club on the Internet with live online events and chats with contemporary jazz artists. Blue Note is one of the most respected labels in jazz and consistently records the best of the present and past musical masters.

Blues Channel
The Blues Channel is the home of Mai Cramer's Real Blues, with photos, interviews, live concerts, contests, comics, and more. Mai Cramer (pronounced "May") has been keeping the blues alive on Boston radio for 22 years. This Web site was born in 1995 when Mai Cramer and fellow blues conspirators thought it was time to take radio to the Net.

Blues Chat
Recipient of the 1997 Blues Foundation "Keeping the Blues Alive" Award, Blues Chat includes live chats with blues legends, a Blues Trivia Forum, an extensive blues photo gallery, and a library. This site uses a map of the "blues house" that provides a clever way to navigate around information.

The Blues Foundation
The Blues Foundation aims to promote and preserve Blues music around the globe. The "What is the Blues?" page features engaging articles, book and CD recommendations, reviews, and profiles. This site is refreshingly non-commercial, though it does offer Blues Foundation merchandise (hats, T-shirts, posters, etc.).

Blues Legends
On the Blues Legends site you can read about some of the blues masters and listen to their audio clips. This site features photographs by the Chicago photographer Raeburn Flerlage. The book “Blues Legends” by Charles K. Cowdery has inspired some of the content.

BlueScene is an extensive independent blues artist Web site that includes music collections, samples albums, and online purchases. This site offers up-and-coming blues artists the ability to showcase their album for online review.

Lesson Plan: Sing the Blues
Many lyrics in blues songs tend to express hardship with an ironic, defiant twist. In this activity, your students will explore examples of this musical form, then write their own lyrics for a blues song.

The Mississippi River of Song
This amazing resource leads you up and down the Mississippi river, tracing the long history of song from country to jazz. Discover regional artists and travel with them on a timeless journey through the United States. After five years of research and planning, a Smithsonian production team spent twelve weeks on location in 1997, traveling 12,000 miles in river country and filming 200 hours of original material. A total of 50 acts and over 500 musicians were recorded in 30 towns and cities, in all 10 states along the Mississippi.

Teaching Blues and Jazz
In this short essay, the author, Deborah Kay Jeter, poses and answers the question: "Why teach the Blues and Jazz during Black History Month?". Ms. Jeter also provides an easy-to-follow analysis of the blues song structure.

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