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Renaissance (1450-1600)

The Classical Music Pages: Madrigal
Here's an in-depth encyclopedia article about the madrigal, a form of musical verse in 16th- and 17-century Europe. Discover the major musicians and countries that helped to develop the madrigal.

English Church Consorts
Theatergoers in Elizabethan England often were treated to short concerts by musicians playing a special group of six instruments. This group, or consort, included unusual string and wind instruments that are no longer used today. This site offers illustrations and explanations of the typical English consort.

La Renaissance
Interested in music, but don't have much of an historical background? Learn all about the Renaissance with this history lesson from the WebMuseum, Paris. Compare the Renaissance periods in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and France, and learn about the artistic, scientific, and philosophical advances that mark the era.

Music History 102: The Renaissance
This is just one page of the Internet Public Library's special exhibit on music history. Their focus on the Renaissance provides a brief historical background and an introduction to some of the famed composers of the period. Click on the descriptions' links to hear sound clips of popular Renaissance pieces.

Renaissance and Baroque Composers
Looking for some information on your favorite Renaissance composer? This page -- part of NPR's Sunday Baroque site -- lists them all and then links to Web-based biographies, discographies, and sound clips of their work.

Renaissance and Baroque Instruments
A concert back in the Renaissance era would have looked and sounded very different from today's orchestral concert. Although Renaissance musicians played special woodwinds, strings, and keyboards, they also played hurdy-gurdies, serpents, and racketts. Visit this site for links to photos, descriptions, and sounds of the popular Renaissance instruments.

Renaissance Consort
The Renaissance consort is a group of unusual instruments typically played by musicians of the era. At this site, you can look at photos and hear sounds of each instrument, from the shawm and Glastonbury pipe to the tabor and tenor crumhorn.

Renaissance Links on the WWW for Music & Dance
Here's another link library that specializes in Renaissance art. There are special sections for music, musical instruments, and dance. Be sure to check out those resources marked by graphic signposts; K-12 students selected these as the most outstanding sites available.

Renaissance Music Links
If Renaissance music is your bag, then this link library should be your first stop before you start to surf the Net. With literally dozens of links to Renaissance resources on the Web, this site can help you locate Renaissance MIDIs and information on history, theory, composers, and instruments.

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