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Middle Ages (400-1450)

Early Music
This site examines early music, which generally encompasses music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. It briefly explains early music and then offers short biographies of several early music composers, including Monteverdi, Cavalli, and Handel. To completely immerse yourself in the period, visit a companion site about historic costumes.

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
This great site gives historical background on 32 largely forgotten instruments from Medieval and Renaissance times. Log on and click on an instrument link, then click on the photo of the instrument to hear a .wav file of its sound.

Medieval Music Links
don't start your Web search for medieval music resources without first stopping at this link library. If provides links to Web sites with information on medieval music history and theory, famous composers, and typical instruments. You'll even find resources with sound clips of chants and church music.

Medieval Music & Arts Foundation
This site provides some terrific information about early music and the musicians who perform this music today. First, get some background on early music and the special chord structures that identify it. Then, visit the special beginner's section for recommendations of the best early music recordings.

Music History 102: The Middle Ages
This page is part of an Internet Public Library exhibit on music history. Start with a brief introduction to the music of the Middle Ages. Then get more detailed information on how the Gregorian chant, Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral, and troubadours all relate to this special musical period.

Vatican Exhibit: From Gregorian Chant to Opera's Origins
Although this Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit about music focuses on the Renaissance period, it examines how the papal choir often performed the traditional chants of the Middle Ages. Enter the three rooms of this exhibit to see photos and illustrations of some of these chant manuscripts.

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