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Middle Ages (400-1450)
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General Information

American Institute of Musicology
The American Institute of Musicology offers an extensive academic series on medieval, renaissance, and baroque music. Its publications include musicological essays, articles, commentaries, and bibliographies. At this site, you can search their catalogue and order any of their numerous publications.

The Classical Music Pages
This site offers excerpted encyclopedia entries about all musical periods and styles from the Middle Ages to modern times. Read descriptions and see pictures of various composers; explore the history of western music; and discover the difference between a mass and a minuet.

Music Notes: Music History
This site, created by students as part of ThinkQuest, explores the rich past of music history. Log on and learn all about the different musical periods and eras, from medieval times through the 20th century. When done, don't forget to take the trivia quiz!

The Symphony: An Interactive Guide
If you teach music appreciation, band, or orchestra, you'll love this online guide to symphonies. Your class can hear clips of instruments, learn the form of the symphony, view a timeline of important music events, read about the world's composers, and enjoy clips of some of the most famous symphonies ever written.

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