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Classical (1750-1820)

Chapter 13: The Classical Period
This simple site represents one chapter in the K-12 textbook "Music: A User's Guide for the Beginner." It provides an in-depth exploration of classical music's development away from the baroque style, the new forms of composition and instruments that appeared, and the composers who typified the period.

Classical Period Music Links
Are you writing a report on music's classical period? Curious about the composers, instruments, history, and compositions of the time? Make this comprehensive link library your first stop to find Web sites that cover these topics and more.

Music 102: The Classical Period
Music's classical period is known for its highly ornamental style. Discover more about this era with the Internet Public Library's music history exhibit. It offers a brief historical background, discusses the development of the symphony, and introduces several Classical composers.

Strings in the Mountains: Mozart's Magical Life and Music
Even very young students will enjoy this storybook-style biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The prose is simple and illustrated with many pictures and graphics. Sound clips are interspersed among the text, too.

Andante: A site dedicated to classical music
Andante is a new type of company dedicated to lovers of classical music. Its mission is two-fold: to document and preserve the 20th century's recorded heritage of classical music, and to serve as the de facto primary source of information on classical music for everyone from professionals to dedicated amateurs. andante aims to accomplish its mission through a new compact disc label (named andante) as well as through a comprehensive Web site containing extensive information and commentary on musical works, composers and performing artists.

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