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AMG: Swing and the Big Band Era
This comprehensive hypertext article traces the roots of swing music out of the 20s and into the swing era, 1935-1942. Click on the "Jazz" button, then scroll down the page to the "Swing and the Big Band Era" link. Learn about the major players, 20 essential albums, and a list of books to learn more about this popular musical style.

Any Swing Goes
This e-zine provides articles of the latest happenings in the swing music world and also a number of mp3s for your listening pleasure. You can also find reviews of recordings and tour calendars for many swing bands here.

Britannica: Swing
Swing was the means by which jazz legitimized itself, moving from the backrooms of seedy bars to the ballrooms of the upper class. This article describes swing history and links to other articles featuring famous swing musicians.

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