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AMG: Funk
This essay on funk music traces the evolution of classic soul music into R&B and funk, and from funk to disco. Click on the "Rock&Roll" button, then scroll down to the "Funk" entry. Learn about the complicated rhythms and counterpoint necessary that gives funk its unique style.

Britannica: Funk
This article provides a concise description of how funk music came about, and also explains how it took over the black music world and eventually influenced the development of hip hop.
Are you looking for hard-to-find funk music? This site is dedicated to gathering and archiving funk music, and has over a thousand titles available for listening to on RealPlayer. It also links to other funk and soul music sites.

Funk Links Central
Link to anything to do with funk music, such as official and fan sites for funk artists as well as to sites offering songs, music clips and concert recordings. The site also links to interviews, concert reviews and discographies, as well articles on funk music, musician bios and information.

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