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Western Swing

Country Roots on a Budget - Western Swing
If you're not sure about what western swing is, you might want to check out Country Roots on a Budget to get a fast look at the style's early music-makers. Not only does this page provide you with a list of recommended albums that will get you primed, but also it lists some recommended readings.

History of Western Swing
Get a quick overview of the birth of Western Swing by reading this essay by Jerry Crim. The author briefly glances over the basic rhythm, beats, and moves established by pioneer western-swing performer Bob Wills. Get a simple understanding of what differentiates western swing from other types of swing styles.

An Introduction to Western Swing
For those looking to get a comprehensive look at the beginnings of western swing, look no further. This article outlines western swing's birth, transformation, and growth around the world and highlights the musicians that put the genre on the map and in the mainstream. Western Swing takes an in-depth look at the innovators who made the western swing scene. Educators looking for great background information to supplement music lessons on western swing or students of the style should take a look at this page.

A Short Lesson In Western Swing Backup Guitar
Although this is a short lesson in western-swing guitar, you could find yourself practicing for hours. The site's author provides a set of chords and all of the instructions that you need to get swinging.

Western Swing
This site provides an adequate annotated history of western swing and highlights a few of its pioneers. This page also contains information on suggested readings if you want to do more research and a list of classic western-swing albums to get a feel for the music's roots.

Western Swing Music Homepage
Here you can find information on western swing albums, links to performers, and information on swing events going on across the country. Check out the rare photographs of western swing's early musicians, which can be used to accompany historical lessons on the genre.

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