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New Country

Garth Brooks and New Country
Take a look at a few of the artists who comprise what is called new country. This site claims that new country emerged to reclaim the country tradition after the pop urban country sounds of the 80s. This site highlights the artists that have catapulted country into the most popular music platform in America.

Music History Essay: New Traditions/New Country (I)
This essay examines the resurgence in country popularity in recent years. It takes a look at the important developments and transformations that have taken place in the music genre that have allowed it to become highly popular around the world.

Music History Essay: New Traditions/New Country (II)
Read up on how performers like Garth Brooks and Shania Twain have ushered in a new era of country music. But this essay also evaluates a counter-music culture that seems to have emerged in contrast to the commercialized sounds of new country. Read up to learn more about the contemporary history of the country-music industry.

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