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Country Roots on a Budget - Honky Tonk
For those looking to explore the country masters who laid the foundation for today's artists, this site makes it easy. It posts a select number of albums that are "must-owns" for students of the genre, providing brief descriptions about each artist's impact and links to learn more.

Hank Williams
Honky tonk fans and students of music will appreciate the Web site devoted to the work of one of the genre's fathers, Hank Williams. This site has an abundance of information on Hank Williams's life and recording career. You can even download rare video and music footage of this honky-tonk legend. Honky Tonk
Fans speak out about their impressions of various honky-tonk artists and their albums. Although it may seem difficult to sort through the different opinions and comments of listeners, the site's rating system makes it easy for you to make quick decisions. Honky Tonk History pays tribute to the recognized godfathers of honky tonk on their history page. Claiming that no other style of country has had as much influence on today's stars than honky tonk,'s history allows younger audiences to appreciate the roots of today's music.

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