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Cowboy Music

Cowboy Music (I)
Get primed on the music of the old west with these short biographical accounts of musicians like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and the sons of the pioneers. In cases like Rogers and Autry, you can gloss over their musical and movie careers along with descriptions of their performance trademarks and industry impacts.

Cowboy Music (II)
Pick up a very brief history of cowboy music from a different perspective. This article takes a look at cowboy as a branch of country music. It looks at how its music has evolved through time and how its image has been differentiated from country.

Cowboy Poets on the Internet
Discover the evocative poetry and songs of the American cowboy. This site, part of the Western Folklife Center, plays live cybercasts of the millennial cowboy poetry gathering, explains the origin and development of cowboy poetry and song, and provides a helpful index to the lyrics, poems, and artists available on the site.

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