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AcuTab is a company that works on producing high-quality books of tablature transcription, often in conjunction with country music artists. It offers a range of books and software for banjo, mandolin, and guitar players. For students of these instruments looking to build their playing skills, pick up new tunes, or purchase equipment, then this site might hit the spot.

Banjo in the Hollow
This North Carolina-based music group aims to promote and preserve bluegrass and old-time music. Its homepage contains information on the organization's functions and membership details as well as full descriptions of the workshops that it puts on for bluegrass artists and students of all skill levels.

Banjo Tabs and Bluegrass Information Site
While this site is a little difficult to navigate, once you find the site's index, you will find a hodgepodge of banjo and bluegrass information. Find anything from clip art, music files, introductory lessons, to information on banjo-bluegrass summer camps. This short description does not do justice to the amount of information available here.

Bluegrass World
You can attempt to scour every corner of the Web for bluegrass sites on your own or you can simply visit this site, which likely covers all of your bluegrass interests and organizes them into effortless categories. If you have found a bluegrass site that no one else knows about you can add it to the site's list.
The Missouri-based Bluegrass America is the oldest continually running bluegrass organization in the nation. Its function is to promote bluegrass and it boasts a number of great talents past and present who have devoted their efforts to help realize this goal. Check out this page to learn more about this great organization and the number of events that they put on around the nation.

Bluegrass Northwest
Put simply, the aim of this organization is to assist the Pacific Northwest region to find bluegrass music. With this in mind, the group's Internet site is devoted to spreading the word about the bustling bluegrass scene in these parts, posting links to local groups, radio stations, and a newsletter. But beneath this localized information, fans of bluegrass in general can find some links to bluegrass sites and organizations on the Web.

BlueNa Bluegrass World
The name of this site, BlueNa, stands for Native Bluegrass Music. It mostly concentrates on bluegrass in Europe, so those interested in the world music scene and bluegrass fans around the world should appreciate this site. Aside from finding information on local upcoming performances, you will find this site a tremendous resource (weighing in at nearly 300 total HTML pages) for doing homework on Europe's bluegrass industry.

Cyber Grass
This user-friendly site has a great compilation of information to direct you to your bluegrass interests. It has fantastic articles promoting bluegrass in a more computerized era, such as tips on preserving your old records on MP3s or CDs. Find out about festivals going on in your area or get information on joining a bluegrass association. This site is so friendly that it refers to you by your chosen nickname every time you visit.

iBluegrass is an online magazine for bluegrass fans. Its featured articles, interviews, and bios of bluegrass stars allow you to get a glimpse of the life behind the music. Additionally, you can find streaming radio broadcasts, CD reviews, and even features about the people behind the scenes. Personalize this site with the information that interests you by configuring the "My iBluegrass" feature.

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