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Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME)
TI:ME promotes the use of technology in music education. Learn about how TI:ME is helping to improve music curriculum standards and how it is teaching educators how to integrate technology into the music classroom.

Very Special Arts
An affiliate of the Kennedy Center, Very Special Arts is an organization that deals with creative learning opportunities for the disabled. This site lists a number of programs that operate under Very Special Arts; it also houses an art gallery, and an online exhibition of the association's accomplishments.

The VoiceCare Network
The VoiceCare Network is an educational organization providing lifespan voice education for vocalists of all sorts, taking a scientific approach to teaching. You can learn all about this unique school by logging on to this site.

Washington Opera
You can find out about the shows put on by this world-class opera and the various educational programs offered by logging on to this site. The Washington Opera presents lectures for adult operagoers and for children they offer classes introducing this musical field through summer camps and student matinees.

The Western Alliance of Arts Administrators
This group works with touring and performing arts professionals to promote the arts. Learn about how to become a member and the advocacy support that members are entitled to by visiting their site.

Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)
This non-profit group aims to advance the arts by improving the financial, organizational, and policy infrastructure of the arts in the Western United States. Right now, they are involved in arts-policy research, information-systems development including the Internet, and work with arts experts and leaders to address critical issues. Their site offers information about available resources for artists and posts numerous related links to the Web.

Yahoo Index of Arts Organizations
If you would simply like to find an artistic organization to meet your needs by using the Web, Yahoo's Index of Arts Organizations is an excellent place to start. Yahoo neatly breaks down their listings of groups into categories from which you can select what interests you the most.

Young Audiences, Inc.
Young Audiences has been working since 1954 to present visual and performing arts to children across the nation. At this site you can get an overview of the organization's services and by directing yourself to local chapters, you can get more information on the programs in your community.

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