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National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.
NARAS is widely known as the organization that sponsors the Grammy Awards, but its main purpose is to foster music creativity. A large focus of the organization is on primary and secondary school education and its variety of programs reflect its commitment. Find links to these programs on their site.

National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture
NAMAC works to strengthen media arts organizations as an integral part of communities by facilitating support of independent media artists and by integrating media into all levels of education. Find the representative organization in your state, read about upcoming conferences and find out about NAMAC's programs in the link entitled "Resources and Links."

National Alliance for Musical Theatre
NAMT is the only national service organization for musical theatre. It services a variety of members through a number of means such as advocacy, financial assistance, and education. Link up to information on the group's programs and download an application on their annual Festival of New Musicals.

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
NASAA is the membership organization of state and jurisdictional arts agencies. It works to develop the meaningful role of art in communities by providing leadership, enhancing planning, and providing resources. From this site you can access information about arts agencies within your own state and become aware of the number of ways that these organizations are reaching out to the community through creative development.

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies - Index of State Arts Agencies
This page is a simple visual index of the agencies available to all states and territories across the nation. Simply click on to the region of the map where you live, or scroll through the alphabetical listings to find the local arts council nearest you.

The National Association of Artists Organizations
The NAAO is primarily designed to address artistic concerns about cultural pluralism, community-based work, organizational stability, working conditions, and lack of visibility. Learn about the association's advocacy programs and technical assistance at their site.

National Association for Music Therapy, Inc.
This organization has joined up with the American Music Therapy Association to make the public aware of the benefits of music therapy and to increase its access. In addition to researching details on the organization you can investigate careers in the field, publications and products related to music therapy, and news on the latest events.

National Association of School Music Dealers
This site represents the three hundred members of school music dealers devoted to promoting musical education by providing schools with quality products. Look up information on the association's conference, their newsletter, and music-related links.

National Association of Schools of Music
The association has worked to establish a uniform standard for music education accreditation and credit granting. In addition to details about the association and its members, the site provides a comprehensive look at accreditation standards and a list of answers to frequently asked questions by parents and students.

National Band Association
As the largest band association in the world, the NBA was organized for the purpose of promoting the musical and educational significance of bands. Find band-related links, primarily local band pages, and find out about upcoming events like the NBA National Convention.

National Endowment for the Arts
The NEA regards art as America's cultural heritage and invests in maintaining it by supporting community and individual creative outlets. Look through this Web site for more information on joining the organization, obtaining a grant, or find out about affiliated arts programs around the nation.

National Federation of Music Clubs
The NFMC sponsors a number of festivals and competitions around the nation in order to support musical creativity. By recognizing the achievements of young talents, the NFMC attempts to identify and nurture youthful musicians. This page has a list of various award winners, information on joining the federation, and basic background information.

National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA)
Do you have a passion for the arts? This site lists information on arts scholarships given out every year to promising 17- and 18-year olds across the nation. Download video performances of previous winners and alumni of this program and find out about the details of applying for this special recognition.

National Piano Foundation
This site briefly touches on the NPF as a music educational resource, providing contact information for those who want to learn more. But mainly, this site is devoted to the musical marvel that is the piano. There are fabulous interactive sites packed with information on the history of the piano and even how to build a piano. There is also a kid's page with fun games and a library of downloadable piano .wav files.

National Symphony Orchestra
Find the link called "Education and Outreach" on this site to learn more about the number of programs that the Kennedy Center sponsors to promote learning and developing the arts. In addition to lectures and classes the center also holds rehearsals and competitions to encourage young talents to pursue their creativity. For teachers and students, there is a professional development program to help you get ahead, no matter what stage of your career you are in.

New England Foundation for the Arts
This organization works with the people of New England to build more art-aware communities. Their Web site has information on the Foundation and news on the events and activities going on in the community. If you would like to learn more about shaping the lives of people in your community through art, visit their site.

New York Foundation for the Arts
Most notably, this organization enables artists to showcase their work to the public, which in turn allows for greater awareness of the arts in communities. The foundation supports artists through financial and informational assistance. On this site there are convenient pages for educators and for artists to find out about available forms of assistance.

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