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The Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network
By forming partnerships with schools, the Kennedy Center helps weave art into educational curriculums. Find out more about how this program operates to make art a more central part of learning in schools.

The Kennedy Center Performing Arts Centers and Schools
This page should be of significance to educators and administrators interested in more fully incorporating or improving art courses. This page reveals exactly how the Kennedy Center works with schools and districts to improve art education. You can even get streaming videos demonstrating various workshops in action.

Meet the Composer, Inc.
Serving composers since 1974, this organization enables musicians to create music while increasing their visible presence as creative artists. The organization has done nothing short of revolutionizing the field by establishing widely accepted standards of pay and opening doors for composers of every field of music. Read up on featured artist spotlights to learn about success stories in the business, investigate the organization's programs, learn about job opportunities, and find fabulous links to publications and music related sites.

MENC (Music Educators National Conference)
This organization has been around since 1907 with the goal of not merely making music education more accessible to children, but to make it a core feature of elementary and primary curriculums. They have been key in designing the National Standards for K-12 education and offer a number of educational programs and conferences on music education.

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
The Foundation works to provide high-quality artistic programming and resources to artists and audiences by creating opportunities through grants, technical assistance, and marketing. At this site you can find out about the different projects throughout the mid-Atlantic states that the Foundation currently assists, download an application form for a project of your own, or read about the state of the arts in their newsletter.

Mid-America Arts Alliance
This organization works closely with communities in the Midwest to foster creative activity. By giving neighborhoods the chance to create their own performing arts shows and manage resources, this organization helps to create a wider social awareness among the community while developing appreciation for art. Learn more about helping your town by cultivating the arts at this site.

Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic
All told, this organization works for the betterment of music education by collaborating with educators to enhance music curriculums, developing new teaching techniques, and distributing information related to these ends. You can download a letter from the organization about the missions of the group and, while you're here, browse through their upcoming events and find out about previously held clinics.

Music Distributors Association
MDA is an international, non-profit organization representing manufacturers and sellers of musical instruments and equipment. You can read short briefings on the association's annual conference, information on membership, scholarship opportunities, or paw through a member directory on this simple-to-use site.

Music Publishers' Association
The association deals with all matters pertaining to music publishng and encourages communication among professionals within the field. Right now the big focus of this organization is confronting the issue of illegally pirated music on the Internet and it provides information on copyright laws to educators. For members or those interested, a newsletter and a calendar of events is available onsite.

Music Teachers National Association
The MTNA, the nation's oldest professional music organization, helps to further the art of music through programs that encourage and support teaching, performance, composition and scholarly research. Browse through the numerous programs, events, and student competitions offered by the organization and glance through a directory of affiliated music teachers. The MTNA is the publisher of the journal American Music Teacher.

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